you dont need SXS cards in


you dont need SXS cards in the Sony.  I plan to get this camera (over the Panasonic) and do not plan to purchase any SXS cards.  I believe there will be an SD card adapter in the box with the camera.  I am assuming that higher bit rate codecs will work with XQD cards which are dropping in price every day as well. 

But if you are open to looking at other cameras then take a look at the Canon C100.  I have owned it for over a year and it is the first camera I have truly loved since shooting with a Betacam.  (And I have owned about 30 of them over the last 15 years)  I use it for events, documentary, and it is the best run and gun interchangable lens camera out there for this type of work.  I have rented the FS700 and I'm sure I could get used to it, and it does have some advantages, but it was much more difficult to work with in my opinion.

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