“You don’t need books. Jus


“You don’t need books. Just go out and start shooting.”


If you believe that, I’ve got some swampland in Arizona I want to sell you. To get a good ‘education’ in videography, you’ll invoke the trifecta of books, training and hands on experience. Just going out and shooting means you’ll just go out and shoot bad video. Videography is far more complex than photography despite sharing many of the same elements. When your ‘pictures move’ there are a number of important elements you must contend with.

Composition – How are your image elements organized? Every movie, tv show and commercial you’ve ever seen the composition of the image was thoughtfully considered and manipulated to make it memorable.

Sound – Unless you’re planning on making silent flicks, Audio is equally as important as the Video image. Not only must audio be ‘clean’, it must also be managed to properly emphasize the actions seen in the video. Ever watch a movie where the audio was off sync? Imagine the ‘big explosion’ audio happening before or after anything occured in the video….

These are just two of a multitude of things that must be considered when shooting video outside of ‘happycaming’. Books will bring up points and issues you never could have thought of. Training videos, seminars and formal training will do the same and give you practical methods of dealing with the challenges presented when working in video. Hands on training will pull all of the information you’ve gathered together and build your skills as a videographer.

Anyone who thinks that all there is to videography is, ‘just going out and shooting’ should pass whatever their smoking to the left.

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