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You don’t give any indication of what kind of shooting you’re going to be doing or how much “not too expensive” actually is.

I shoot with a combination of a shoulder mount and monopod, the Videosmith Mighty Wondercam shoulder mount and a Manfrotto monopod (3245.) The monopod has a pistol grip that allows the height to be adjusted with a simple squeeze. The two units are joined by a quick release place so they can be separated easily when necessary. You can see this rig at

We use this in conjunction with Sony DSR PD-150 cameras shooting construction job site footage where mobility pretty much excludes using a tripod. Along with a wide angle lens the rig allows us to shoot cover shots of large machinery as well as extreme closeups of touch screens and instrument gauges.

You should be aware, if you’ve never used a shoulder mount, that trying to use this type of support system for any length of time — more than a few minutes at a go — is extremely tiring. That’s why we added the monopod, which allows us to shoot for hours at a time with virtually no fatigue.

As I recall, the total cost of the rig, with several modifications, was about $150 for the monopod and $250 for the shoulder mount.


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