You DO NOT need SLI for yo


You DO NOT need SLI for your setup. The only things you really need are decent (and lots) of hard drive space, a suffiecient amount of memory, a decent processor and firewire.

SLI and ATI’s Crossfire and strictly for gaming operations. The benefit of having two cards in that setup is for the optical realism some of the latest games use. Using two cards can increase the fps the game uses at higher res to maximize your gaming experience.

If you are planning on doing Analog captures NOT with your ELURA camcorder but perhaps some older 8mm or VHS tapes you want to transfer to DVD, you can always get one of ATI’s ALL-IN-WONDER video cards. These cards are great because they are you video card and they also allow you to watch TV and capture analog signal to your machine. It uses MPEG2 compression and has various quality settings for this.

Hard drive space… typical one hour of MiniDV tape will use 13 gigs of hard drive space as a captured AVI file. you then need to encode this to MPEG2 (DVD compliant) in order to burn the videos to disc. There are many programs that will do this for you, such as Ulead Movie Studio and some other freeware ones.

As for ASUS mobo, good choice! I would suggest the new e6600 intel processor for you, it is intel’s 2nd tier processor and (from reviews I have read) an excellent processor all around. Dual core is a little overrated at this point because there aren’t too many (if any) applications out there that make use of both cores at once. Their main advantages are that you could be encoding video and surfing the web or even playing a game at the same time without much processor lag. Get quality RAM (not budget stuff availabe at BestBuy!) like Corsair or Mushkin at the highest possible speed your mobo takes, and Dual Channel is another overstatement. Just get two identical sticks and it will work the same. Also, when doing analog captures, you need a separate sound card as using the onboard sound can sometimes cause the system to drop frames during capture. I used to know of a website that did calculations for Power Supplies, but cannot remember it. If you plan on doing any future upgrades to your system, make sure you get one with plenty of overhead! I found this out when I upgraded my processor and I ended up spending another $100 getting a new PSU. I personnally use ENERMAX 450W, I think they have 1000W available now!

My system was top of the line 4 years ago, and can still hold it’s own against many lower end systems available today.

ASUS A7N8X E deluxe
AMD Athlon XP 3200+
2×512 Kingston HyperX RAM
2×200 Maxtor IDE Hard drives
1×160 Maxtor SATA I Hard drive (my capture drive)
ALL-In-WONDER 9800 pro AGP
Creative Labs Audigy zs2

The best website I can direct you to for loads of information is, and for analog capture using AIW cards would be

Good luck

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