You did not waste 4 years

AvatarGrinner Hester

You did not waste 4 years if you had a good time, man.
I’ve seen many get a degree in this field thinking that would some how entitle them to a high-paying job, or even help with that. Then they get a chip on their choulder when they see they have to do the same legwork as the guys who just made a reel and started networking. Your reel gets ya gigs, don’t think a degree does. It doesn’t.
While I have three degrees and have never used one, man college was no waste for me. The parties alone were worth the time. If you have the opportunity, you should go. If you just want to get to work in this industry, create a great demo reel, cold-call every production facility in your market, take what is offered (yes even if that is working for free) and climb the same ladders we all had to climb.
Enjoy it. It’s pretty freakin’ fun.

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