You did not mention what t


You did not mention what type of computer you have. Are you sure it has firewire connectors on it? You mentioned a firewire/USB cord in one post. And another post stated that you found “one” at your house but were unclear about the “one” what. I do not think a firewire-to-USB cable would work in your case.

File:FireWire-46 Diagram.svg

As Composite stated, you should have a connector like the one on the left on your PC (your camera should have one like on the right). This could be in the case near your USB connectors, or in the back near where you monitor and other hardware plug in. If not then you may need to get a firewire card for it. There are several for under $20 and up.

If you do have a similar connector on your PC open the case and see if there is an internal cable running from it to the motherboard or auxiliary card plugged into the motherboard. If it goes to an auxiliary card, look to see if there is a name and model number of the board maker on it and check their website for possible driver downloads. If it goes to the motherboard, check the computer maker or motherboard maker website for possible driver downloads.

Download and install the driver(s) and see if this gets you working.

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