You could try PluralEyes t


You could try PluralEyes to help you sync the audio – you can download a trial version. I am not affiliated but have used it and it works well most of the time. However as cfxcorp said you can usually sync by getting it somewhere near looking at the whole waveform and then zooming in to a specific peak and trimming. Then play both tracks and adjust a small amount until there is no echo.

I also had a Zoom H2 and found that it does not keep sync properly with the video – there is plenty of stuff on the internet about this problem. Mine is about 0.004% slow which mounts up if you video is more than a few minutes. Also the difference varies with the audio format (much worse on MP3). I made a test recording of one hour using the ‘speaking clock’ and checked the drift. Then compensate – I found the best way was to remove a single frame from the video every few minutes to correct.

I now use Roland recorders which are spot on.

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