You could start by visitin


You could start by visiting and after getting a free account, typing in the name of your city to see how many groups are listed. After studying what they say they do for the community you’d have their contact info if you wanted to go further.

Your public library "may" have a grants section, or grants online at their computer lab. Make up a proposal or "letter of inquiry to see if you are interested in this idea" and get it to prospects. Usually, it is VERY easy to get a local "community foundation" in your area to act as "fiscal sponsor" should you be fortunate enough to get someone willing to give you a grant. But you’ll have a large list of prospects from to play with.

The grant funds goes to your sponsor, who you’ve negotiated a fee of up to 4% of "cash" received. Then you find someone willing to give them the grant. You’d 1st have a "memorandum of understanding" with your "fiscal sponsor" saying what will happen IF you get the grant. Getting equipment money is a similar process.

Your local yellow pages may have a section on film related or editing – wedding services. You’d contact them and ask who they know who you should talk to about investing. You "could" offer them 1% finders fee for a signed deal with their connections.

If I were you, I’d locate a non-profit and let them get some credit for your project, for working with you. Some are listed online and haven’t done anything in a while so you’d call the shots.

Write to me if you have additional questions:

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