You CAN’T possible have a


You CAN’T possible have a RAID drive on a single hard disk drive. RAIDs of any variety require multiple hard disk drives. RAID stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives.

You might have a RAID controller on that machine. However, it is most likely that the BIOS will not support a single 500 GB drive and so it has been logically split into two drives. I have an 80 GB SATA drive loaded with my OS and programs on my DEDICATED video editing machine. I have 2 200 GB SATA drives striped together (This REQUIRES XP Professional as this feature is not supported by XP Home) to give a single drive letter and about 380 GB of storage. This allows the computer to write to both drives at once, effectively double my hard drive speed. Your processor is always WAY, WAY faster than you hard drive. Use SATA drives and combine them.

If you can install hardware yourself, I would get a Western Digital SATA Hard Drive in the 80 to 160 GB range and make that my boot disk. If your case will hold it, I would get a second 500 GB drive, same model number, install it and then stripe it. You will have a very large fast sysems will lots of online storage.

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