You can simply run your sh


You can simply run your shot and freeze the exact frame you want in your system. Extend the duration of the still image for the two seconds, and then keep rolling the shot. In many timelines it will appear as three shots (2 cuts): one the initial rolling video until the point of the still picture, then the fragment of the still for two seconds and the third the remaining of the shot in movement. After this, create a new layer in the timeline and insert the titles you want overimpose over the two seconds still and you got the crude effect.

Of course you can polish the effect. For example: insert a white flash in the moment that the two seconds still fragment start with the sound effects of a photo camera and you get a more dynamic transition. Also the two second still image may be treated through colorization or making it black and white.

The super text may enter by cut, or you can dissolve in it or animate if your editing system allow this.

The possibilities are many and others things can be accomplished exporting the image to photoshop and/or after effects. You may add glows and special colorization through many available plug-ins, but of course all this depend of the capabilities of your equipment.

My first approach (the simple one) may be done in mostly any decent non-linear editor.

Hope this help.


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