You can render mp4 as 60p


You can render mp4 as 60p in vegas which will play better on a computer, but for Blu-Ray the m2ts formatcaps out at 29.97.

You can fit a lot more than that on a blu-ray disc. The standard bit-rate for .m2ts on a blu-ray is about 16 MB/s for 1920×1080 60i- which honestly unless you do someMASSIVE zooms and compare screenshots side by side, you practically cannot see a difference in quality. The difference is just in the file type. Lower bit-rate .m2ts will basically have the same picture quality of your .mts files on your Panasonic.

Anyway that said, you can fit about 3 hours easily (a little more) on a 25 GB Blu-Ray disc without sacrificing quality.

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