You can ramp with a Veloci


You can ramp with a Velocity envelope (right click clip > Insert/Remove Envelop – Velocity), but, honestly, for most high-energy stuff, even a ramp of a handful of frames is too long.

Instead, I’d recommend just finding the frame you want the slowmo to start on, press S on your keyboard to split the clip and then slow clip down. Couple ways to do that, again: (1) Velocity envelope, (2) CTRL+Drag the edge of the clip (handy for filling gaps or specific durations of time) or (3) right click > Properties and change the playback speed. I almost always use #3, because 0.5 is the best you can do without interpolating frames (or 0.4 when working with 60i source in 24p distribution – a very, very common situation online).

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