You can probably swing ren


You can probably swing renting a 2nd camera from someone for as little as $25. I’d do this instead of buying a camera, using it, then returning it two days later after the footage has been captured. Another option would be to see if a video major at the local college would be interested in getting internship experience as long as they have their own camera or can use one that the school owns. These programs are starving for real-world experience so an offer like this would probably fly.

If you can’t get another camera, do like he said above:

Shoot as many cutaways before the wedding as possible. people sitting still looking towards the altar, flowers on the altar, flowers on the pews, candles, stained glass windows, wall murals, etc. Shoot absolutely everything you can find that will remind the B&G of the surroundings at the wedding.

Then, pick the best spot for shooting the ceremony and STAY THERE! Shoot the whole thing as if you know you are the only camera so every move counts. Every messed up pan, zoom or shake will result in an edit point. After you shoot the ceremony, think about how many times you screwed up and make sure you have enough cutaways to cover it.

I found that shooting from the center balcony or center aisle from the back (just off to either side) was the best position to cover the entire wedding with one camera….although I had a few very nice one camera weddings that I shot from the altar. Regardless, it’s important that the B&G understand that there will be some limitations going in so that they don’t have a 2 or 3 camera production in mind when your buddy delivers the tape.

Good luck!


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