You can license real music


You can license real music thru sites like and


No, I mean licensing the rights to actual, commercial music.  The websites you mention are short little excerpts a few minutes long mostly purpose-made and selected to license to videographers and other media producers.   


There are a zillion recordings of Chopin etudes and nocturnes, or the Bach cello suites, out there on the web or for sale online.  So I want to know how to arrange licensing for those.    Obviously it would be cheaper to license a performance on an obscure label by some conservatory student in Madrid, than by Yo-Yo Ma on Sony Records, so I'll take the cheap one, please.  


As I said in my original posting , these are 30 or 60 minute videos  –  just models doing 1, 2 or 5 minute gesture poses.   Art students spend years practing from poses like this and many studios and schools have music playing in the background so I want to simulate that experience on the video.




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