You can find the clip


You can find the clip properties in the project window by scrolling to the right, as you do you'll come across the frame rate tab. It should be the first tab.. not sure why your not seeing it.


GoPro sequence settings. Try right clicking (control click) on the clip and select "new sequence from clip" and Premiere will give you the best sequence settings based on your footage.


About slow motion. What your asking for is 'ramping' your footage from one speed to another. But before you get started the best solution is to use twixtor to speed up your footage from slow to fast versus fast to slow, or regular (as filmed) to slow. Your first step should be to interpret the 59.9fps footage to 23.976. Then right click (control click) on the interpreted footage in the project window and create a sequence based on the clip (same as above). In the sequence you just made, the footage will be in 'slow motion'. Drag twixtor to your clip and under settings go to 'speed'. At the very beginning of your clip click the stop watch icon (keyframe). Move ONE frame to the right select another keyframe by clicking on the white dot inbetween the two (left and right facing) triangles. Then go the end of the clip, repeat by creating keyframe, then move ONE frame to the left and repeat by creating another keyframe. Go back to begining of clip and select the SECOND keyframe and change speed to 100% then go to the next keyframe (second to last) and put in your final (sped up) percentage. If your going from 59.9 to 23.976 then its roughly 2.5 times slower so your percentage should be around 42%.


The other option is to do the samething within premiere's native effects (not 3rd party effects like twixtor) by using the 'speed' options. similar to twixtor setup by placing keyframes and ramping to your desired final frame rate.


Hope it helps.



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