You can burn a full length


You can burn a full length film in near Blu-ray quality onto a dual layer DVD(AVCHD). Usually they hit around 7GB and will play on most blu-ray players. Also Roxio has a plugin for their suite that can play this format on the PC. These are compressed heavily taking a 40GB movie down to about 7GB, biggest reason do do so would be to save space if archiving your collection or to have a version you could play without scratching up the master disk. Since the size is close to most DVD movies you can store a whole lot of them on a 2TB drive. One app that can do the conversion is Bluray2DVD although Im sure their are others. Personally I dont do this much as I like to backup my std dvd’s and mount the ISO’s directly in media center. Keeps my kids from scattering their movies on the floor and destroying them. Anything that’s in Blu-ray I prefer to keep maximum quality but if your after space savings this will work and can be done. Also whats used to encode is likely the biggest factor on quality. Anyways the quality is very good, certainly higher res than DVD. Only problem with blu-ray images is their is no easy way to mount and play in media center and were in to automation so that even a nanny can do it. Its awesome having your whole collection available at a click of a remote, if someone comes up with a good Blu-ray plugin for Media Center they could make a good bit of dough. For some reason MS left this feature out, granted alot of people rip them into other formats to achieve this but to me the whole point of making an image is to be able to recreate the master disk if it gets damaged, extras and all. Thats why I prefer a 1 to 1 mountable backup, but for Blu-ray this eats large disk drives for breakfast.

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