You begin your comment with


You begin your comment with "I have an extensive resume with a great track record:" and go on to say that in 10 years you've had no luck in finding work. These seem to be contradictory statements. Is it possible that your self assessment is getting in the way of your finding work?

There's an old show-business axiom that if you "want to be a top banana you've got to start at the bottom of the bunch." Applied to your situation, especially in your market area, this probably means doing scut work with a small production company, volunteering if necessary to get your foot in the door; taking advantage of your proximity to the company's projects and gradually work your way up the ladder. Hang out around the editing room, work as an assistant and eventually get to cut your own projects. Network within the company; get to know your co-workers and let them see your potential.

This may be extremely difficult in LA, where most of the work is done by union crews. You say that you're looking for a "decent" job, full-time with benefits and a middle class income. Is that something you can realistically expect to find in LA unless you are in the union? I can tell you that in the Pacific Northwest you'd be hard pressed to find a full-time editing job that met your requirements, union or otherwise. There just isn't that much work available.

I don't intend this to be insulting, but if after 10 years of trying I still hadn't been able to establish myself as a working professional I would seriously consider another line of work or at the very least a move to a more hospitable market area.

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