You become a professional


You become a professional when you start getting paid for the work you do. You can be a rubbish untalented professional or a fully competent one. Some are creative and artistic professionals. Editing is simply assembling the excellent images into a coherent narrative. Fancy videos are not a sign of professionalism. Sloppy editing looks awful. Decent editing nobody notices. Camerawork is also down to skill and artistry. I presume ‘DC’ is a digital camera. Learning to compose and frame properly takes time and effort. An iPhone can produce better images than an expensive camera used poorly. Equipment does not make one professional. If I were you, I’d dream up some typical projects, go out and shoot them, then edit them. Editing is equally important as shooting, but either can wreck a project if done poorly. Neither is more important. Good editors can not produce good work with rubbish clips, and excellent clips can be crash edited together.

Your friend from the studio who thinks editing is more important is simply biased. Editors always believe they are the key feature. A group of cameramen will complain about what the editors did with their work. Both will complain about the sound department. This is perfectly normal. Ask a TV director or producer which is most important and they’ll say the entire process!

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