You are right, ProRes 422


You are right, ProRes 422 is 145mbps and ProRes HQ is 220mbps, but your calculations are way off. Are you sure you are not mistaking mbps for MBps. mbps is megabits per second, and MBps is megabytes per second. The difference is that 8 bits = 1 byte, 8mb = 1MB, 8mbps = 1MBps

Lets do the math as if your 104 minute video is rendered as ProRes (not ProRes HQ)

104 Minutes = 6240 seconds.

If 8mbps = 1MBps, then 145mbps = 18.1 MBps. (145 divided by 8 equals 18.125)

18.1 MBps X 6240 seconds = 112,944MB for your whole video. (or 122.9GB)

Now, you said your final QT is 137GB, but keep in mind that ProRes is a variable bitrate codec. It will increase its bitrate during fast motion to maintain a high quality image.

If you ask me, ProRes is not the reason for your image looking flat. ProRes has been adopted by many professionals. Many capture Uncompressed 10-bit video as ProRes because it holds up just as well. I suspect it is the lighting…although I can’t say for sure because I haven’t seen your video. But I’m positive it’s not due to implementing ProRes

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