You are right about HD mak


You are right about HD making it moot.

When I hook up my FX1 which is 1080i to my 1920 x 1080 progressive LCD HDTV, the video is unreal.
I really don’t think people can see the difference between i and p when it’s done right.

However, if I had to guess i’d say that progressive will become the standard if LCD’s continue to become the norm as all LCD’s are progressive. But I don’t know that for fact…. Interlace is old and I thought it was going to go away once the government forced everyone to digital signals but some weeds are hard to kill.

From a broadcast standpoint I see far more interlaced signals than I ever thought I’d see but again I doubt anyone can tell the difference.

Sometimes I think the only people that freak out over i vs p are sales-people and digital video camera owners. X-D
I do know that if Sony ever made an FX1 with 1080p 30fps, I’d be too happy to give them my money – as long as it was less than 5k!!!

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