You are one of dozens of Sony


You are one of dozens of Sony Vegas users who have expressed dissatisfaction with Magix and it’s Vegas 14. As I’ve said on the Vegas forum, I believe rather than regard the Magix release as Vegas 14 it should be regarded as Magix Vegas 1.0.

Magix inherited sadly neglected software from Sony, software based on code written more than ten years earlier. Many believe that this code is beyond hope of redemption, beyond the possibility of making it work with all the new file formats being cranked out by camera manufacturers.

Magix really has two options regarding Vegas: continue trying to salvage the ancient software, alienating users like yourself, or writing entirely new code that will respond to the demands of video acquisition and post production in 2017 and beyond.

My advice, for whatever it’s worth, is to hang tight and wait for the arrival of Vegas 15 (Magix 2.0) which either will/will not keep Vegas alive as one of the better editing programs. While waiting, take a look at Resolve, extremely powerful free software that may do the job for you.

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