You are not the only one.


You are not the only one. When you mention this to people the typical response is rolling shutter, jello and a variety of other terms. The fact is, if you Google this, so many people are having this issue with Canon DSLR’s. Even with a Class 10 card this situation can still occur and I’m not so convinced it’s the card. The problem is, as soon as you pan or tilt with any motion, you will get that jerk and again it’s not rolling shutter, it’s not jello, it’s not shutter speed. what you are seeing 90% on the web are non moving shots with DSLR’s. Then you get people stating, that jerk is 24 frames per second, it’s the “film look” and I disagree with that also, that’s not what it is. I’m convince it’s a problem with many of the Canon DSLR’s. And then you’ll get, it’s your “settings” and it’s not that either, neither the editing settings or the menu settings in the camera. I am convinced it is the processor in many of the Canon DSLR cameras

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