You already have it! The


You already have it! The quality from SD is what is recorded. Your TV is simply turning up the contrast (Doing nothing to the HDR – this is part of the capability of the SD material) so you are expanding what you have. Taking the noise down in the shadows. The resolution appears better because it has been processed, but it’s not accurate, just an illusion of ‘bitterness’ that you like. The TV could have an output on an HDMI maybe, but I doubt it, because nothing about that processed signal meets any kind of 4K spec. You would be better to load the SD material into an editor and add some effects – this will allow loads of adjustment, averaging, level changes, colour changes and expansion. It’s still SD material though and nothing at all like real 4K. It’s fine you like it, but remember you can do the same and more in software yourself, and perhaps get an even better result.

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