You advice is sound advice


You advice is sound advice On a Roll.

Most of what you said is correct, except for a few points I disagree with.

I now feel I made myself a little unclear.
The $4000 is just my camera budget. I already own tripods (I’ll be buying another one soon, which I found for only a mere $100, that is exceptional, and professional), a dolly, I’ve even got a 25 foot wide green screen, I’ll be buying a crane, when I get the camera.

My intentions are making independent films, good indepenndent films. I beleive this sets my intentions apart from most other independent operation film groups out there as they only intend to do the internet tradition of fan films, for the most part. I DO NOT intend to make a crappy film, like what I mostly see on the interent, that is why I am buying a new camera.

As I said I already own a Canon Optura Xi, it has served my well in the year and a half I have owned it. But is is not suitable for film making. I do not have the required amount of control, nor do I have the film quality and resolution at 16:9.

When it comes to making my first film, I have dropped all other hobbies. I feel that I am not just making a stab at it. I’m not just running out there to set a camera down and tell a few friends of mine to do something and say a few lines and then move the camera and shoot the next scene the same way.

Mind you I have not bought the camerra yet, and it will be one of the last buys before filming begins (one of the last as I do need to get myself aqauinted). Budgetary concerns are a little tight, as they would appear to be, but I still have so much preproduction work to do that I’m not spending any money while doing it: Writing script: $0 Storyboarding: $0, buying all the equipment needed: infinity thousand dollars πŸ˜€ I will be doing some things such as weddings to pay for equipment, but I also have a well paying job, which has plently of room for advancement and pay raises. I also have few true expenses, beyond the occasional bill, I have no need to worry about car payments, for example.

Anyway, when I first began I had a mindset very similar to what your is, and it is a good mindset I’ve done a few things, and they were fun, as filmmaking is. But in order to make people really want ot watch your film it has to be exceptional. Mind you I do know that a high end camera is not going to do this for me. The script and actors are more important then the camera its shot on. But the camera helps. So do the editing tools. I own my own beautiful copy of Sony Vegas 6.0 with magic bullet and DVD architect. As far as I’m concerned you cannot beat that editor for the price.

After this long post I guess the point I’m trying to make is that I want to make a GOOD film, not just another film. I want people to see it and be impressed, I want them to want to own a copy. I want it to be markitable, but most of all I want to have fun doing it. I don’t need a nice new shiny camera to do it. But hey who doesn’t want a nice new camera πŸ˜€

Well thats it for my ramblings if you read this… I don’t know why you did X-D

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