Yo! I personally use Adob



I personally use Adobe Premiere and have since 1998

Started with 4.2 I believe and am now using PRO 1.5.1 on 1 Workstation, 2 Desktops and 1 Notebook

My recommendation based on 7 years of shlepping from a “1 camera operation” with 2 VCR’s and 1 desktop computer TO today where I have 5 cameras, 3 full rooms with a total of 4 editing stations and a group of 5 including myself shooting and then editing in 2 locations……..

PURCHASE and USE equipment based on what you plan on charging for services

For example: I had to wait 5 years to actually “make” a profit, BUT NOW I have enough equipment and people to buy “bigger and better things”

For me, as like many others, video is also a hobby (and this is a second means of employment…school district employee with summers off)
Because it is a hobby I get to buy “toys” that make money…

So, wit that in mind, I seem to justify spending extra bucks on newer things

I just recently purchased 2 Sony FX1’s because I plan on offering services in HD starting Spring of 2006

FINALLY, I would use Avid if you know Avid because you will be editing faster rather than learning as you go on a “cheaper” NLE

I take the CANDID VIDEO approach to the packages that I offer customers…NO GOOFY SPECIAL EFFECTS…NO FREEZE FRAMES…NO SOUND EFFECTS. Many people have specifically asked ahead of time if I do this and they were MOST pleased to find out that I DO NOT! : )

With that in mind…Im sure Avid, as many others, will give an editor more than enough tools to edit the candid video of a wedding

We do 2 or 3 cameras at ceremony and 1 at the house while bride is getting ready and then 1 at the reception…the simple in camera edits make for easier post editing and faster turn around time

Samson wireless mics for ceremony, and a small filtered light (people hate bright lights in their face but then sometimes hate dim video too…so you have to find the middle)

Other cameras are 2 Canon GL2’s and a Sony 250

I have gone on too much…etc.

Take Care

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