Yes, you are correct RAM,


Yes, you are correct RAM, the speakers picked up every teensy sound and amplified it all over the room. I had edited the audio using headphones and in the interviews section added in background music to mask the sci-fi sounds. Premiere Elements has a volume control slider which I used to get the volume of the music down so that it wouldn’t compete with the persons talking and this sounded good. But it seemed that even the background music was blasting through this particular set-up.

Just as you said, when played on the television it sounds just right.

Sure, Compusolver is right on spot that I won’t get past audio problems until I get an external mike.

Happily though, the person for whom the video was made isn’t likely to have heavy-duty tripod stands in the family room with large speakers at the top, connected to a soundboard …or …I wonder? X-D I’m kidding, but the next one will be better.

Thanks again for all the advice.

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