Yes XTR, I’m using Mac, Mi


Yes XTR, I’m using Mac, MiniDV footage from Canon XL1 and GL2 units, captured via my Sony DSR 11 DVCAM MiniDV deck firewire. I use DVKitchen software with settings I prefer, but I upload my clips via DVKitchen to my web host (HostGator), then put thumbnails with links on my iWeb designed websites linking to the .mov files created and uploaded by DVKitchen. I’m not brilliant enough to play around with stuff so DVK was my saving grace in getting successful, playable and decent-sized windows of video from QT files off my Mac.

If you’re curious what I’m doing you can visit the theater pages on either http://www.corelannvideo.comvideo samples, or http://www.videostorytellers.comlanding page intro video, or Video StoryTellers! theater page and see what I’m saying. I’m not trying to be fancy, just have decent playback with minimum wait for QT streaming video clips to show samples of my work.

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