Yes. this is a great topic


Yes. this is a great topic. I need help!

I am about to either buy AP or FCP.

I am new at using this software. But need to know what would suite the progra

Firstly which would be easier to learn given that I am a mac user proficient in most adobe programmes.

This is what I need the software to do.

I am bringing in a screencast from camtasia. I wil need to import my own vecor/graphic arrows, highlights, speech bubbles etc (with some basic movement) to help explain the tutorial. I will need to edit the voice over (take out ums and ahs). Join numerous screen casts together. Add page ref numbers throughout.

I will need to add close captions in other languages (African languages)

Basically I would like it to look similar to except that mine will have graphics in it.

I really hope someone can advise me which of the 2 is best for my needs.

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