Yes that is very true, it


Yes that is very true, it is really nice to have the audio controllability. I can’t stress how great the low light performance of this cam is though. I’ve done so many weddings where I could actually see BETTER with the camera at the reception than my eyes alone. It works amazingly well and the quality is fantastic. I was in a wedding a couple days ago (groomsman) and they had hired a videographer who was using a Canon XL1. The reception was very dim and he had a bright light mounted on it. What a nusense. The light was as bright as a spot light, casted shadows on everything he shot and catching everyone’s attention. Very intrusive and unnatural looking. All I could think was that the same reception could’ve been shot just beautifully without the need of a light had he been using a Sony PD170 or VX2100. The XL1 is a GREAT camera, just not ideal (in my opinion) for low light events

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