yes, same technique that w


yes, same technique that was used for “claymation”. Remember the old Gumby shows? some camcorders have an option to record frame by frame, but I suppose you could also use still .jpg/ .jpeg pictures with even as simple a program as Windows movie maker, then once you get all your hundreds of pictures in (you’ll have around 900 for 30sec@30fps or 450 for 30sec at 15fps) you can save as a movie file and then it will be converted. 15 frames per second should be plenty for a project such as this.

Or you can find some friends you don’t like and talk them into hanging from cables attached to a boom in the back of a pickup. Have the pickup drive down the road with your friends inches off the ground while you videotape all the action. Ok, just kidding about that, leave that stunt for Hollywood.

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