Yes it has them. I have no


Yes it has them. I have not worked with them yet. I intend to shoot all day Friday so I will get outside and inside shooting. I will play with it.

A portable monitor is out right now. I read I should have one but then I read I should have this meter too. I guess I need to ask those with the know before getting anything else.

Rob I have been messing with FCP a couple days now. I got a VCD training course. Seems like I may learn something. After I finish it I will email you and see when you will be free. I can stop out and we can see if I learned anything. I am sure you can show me more and tricks and shortcuts then this video may not teach.

Would love to bring the camera but the bag is bigger than I am and I would not want to lug it on the train.

Do you have clips we could work on with FCP or would I need to bring some?


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