Yes, If you have the money


Yes, If you have the money for the Canon C100 it is a good camera and will give you more latitude in the field as a more professional tool. The Sony NEX series, some have the XLR audio inputs but not many cameras have the full sound picture. Use a separate audio recording system and use the camera sound to sinc things up. The balanced three pin pro audio is most important in the studio or when using external power to the camera and separate ac power to other tools as they can pick up hum. You can get hum eliminators to go from balanced to unbalanced audio or simply run DC from batteries in the field. Some more complex cameras provide a whole range of options but shooting in the field is often about getting the picture in the can and changing it in post when you bring evrything together. On sound… surround sound is easy to stuff up, but it is not hard to get right provided you find a simple formula that works for you and you stick to it through the production. Get quality mics on the tallent, lavelier or out of shot shotgun, get the surround audio on separate tracks but in sinc then bring it together in your editing process.

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