Yes I think I know what yo


Yes I think I know what your parents are thinking. You will often hear, ” Buy the best or most expensive _______ (camera/mic/computer, etc.) that you can afford”. However, in technology, there are exceptions because a year could mean a lot in terms of price and features. I bought the Canon HV30 last year, as a second camcorder but really should have waited because I didn’t really take into consideration the complexities of multi camera editing. Good fundamentals & experience beats the “latest and greatest” every time.

Its like in photography, I own a 3 year old canon xt and I can hold my own with the $2000 camera owners & I also know “real” photographers that can blow me out the water with $100 point and shoot camera because they know their lighting and composition and F stops. Just remember that most of us “prosumers”, buy MORE camera (and camcorders) than we have time to learn.

Just be sure to talk to someone (at the school) that’s doing what you will be doing, that way you are seeing things apples to apples. -broken record-

Oh yeah, the duct tape. We record weddings and church events. I’ve learn the hard way to SECURE your stuff! I can’t count the number of times people get snagged on cords or tripods or stands holding white hot 1000 watt lights only to be saved from injury (or me from law suits) by a 6 inch piece of $4 duct tape.

Also, if something yanks the cord to your camera & it breaks the connector at the camcorder or at the adapter end, then you are screwed. Don’t let experience be your teacher (like it was for me).

Just looked at my last post. Hey guys, sorry about the book. Didn’t mean to hog the thread.

Thats just TMI! Cheers

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