Yes, I know. Depending on


Yes, I know. Depending on what the bride tells me after she meets with her preacher, I plan on setting up an appointment with him to try and convince him I can do my job with no distractions.

With regards to photoagraphers…
I have performed 5 weddings to day and I have been given variying degrees of restriction at each. But at each of these, I have seen the photographer wandering around DURING the ceremony, snapping shots. I hear, in passing, many audience members talking about how annoyed they were with these photographers.

I know that the only time I would ever move around is if I might need to get a quick shot of the bride coming down the isle, and scoot out the back side of the row while the congregation is preoccupied. But even with that I get the officiants permission and we set up and choreograph how it will work.

I don’t have the camera up to my eye either, it is just a quick scoot out.

This is the third time I have been told I have to stay in the balcony. I was not able to talk the preacher out of this, nor was the bride.

I just think they are pissing off the brides more than anyone because they are paying big buck for my services and are being told by the officiant that they have to get a boring crappy video.

Please do not reply with lectures about how it is my job to edit it beautifully. I know that. But there is only so much you can do with a shot from a hundred feet back and 20 feet up.

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