Yes, I am absolutely posit


Yes, I am absolutely positive my Canon ZR700 camcorder does not have a usable audio input. The model BELOW it and above it did! Screwy, but a blessing in disguise. I want top-notch audio, so this is a better way to go.

You guys are right on about how to sync the recordings. I spoke with a recording engineer at one of the local studios, and he said pretty much the same thing. He suggested when I begin the recording, do something that produces a loud, instantaneous transient on both the camcorder soundtrack and the audio recorder soundtrack. Import both into the software and “nudge” the transient peaks into place with a waveform editor. Sounds like a plan.

I am looking at getting the Zoom H4 portable recorder, and using uncompressed audio for the highest possible quality. Is there any advantage to spending more to get the Marantz PMD660? It costs more, and it costs $250 to get the software to manipulate its proprietary format. The H4 comes with software.

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