Yep, you are right about t


Yep, you are right about that. It’s the accessories that’s expensive. But you must see what my electrician buddies can rig up for lighting. It is tricky but the Internet is very helpful, just like

I kinda wanted to see the response from that usb vs firewire question. Firewire is faster, the throughput is better. I don’t know much about DV but I do know some stuff about computers. I’ve got an AMD 64bit 3000+ with 1GB Ram, that is not too bad. I’m now saving for Adobe Premier. Can you recommend other editing software that has great features and not that expensive? Sometimes an Ebay search can also prove to be useful…

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Best Products of the Year — 2019

2019 has seen fantastic new equipment for video production, but with a world of options at your disposal, which is the best? We carefully evaluated each new product, emphasizing its innovation, value compared to its direct competition, and its...