Yep its shaky, I did that


Yep its shaky, I did that project for free. I had 30 minutes to interview 2 people then get Broll at each video site, on top of this boces wanted me to shoot it all in one day, boces wanted me to only use up 30 minutes of time of each of the Student intern hosts. I was using a dslr so to get it done fast I went hand held.


I just learned recently how to stabilize any hand held footage in after effects with 2d tracking. so I'll probably stabilize it and give that version to them with absolutely no shaking.


as for charging per hour, i  just dont like the idea of the price being blown way up cause the client wants alot of changes. instead I would like to set a good quote with a little overlay, then make something that blows them away the first time and not have to go back and change it. If i need to change it, then the price wont go up, cause if its not the quality im charging for the first time, then it should be before the price rises.


I am Kind of thinking that to start with the first like 10 projects people pay me for, I'll charge around $1500 – $2000, after the ball gets rolling I'll charge around 3-4k once I establish my repetuation in this market. If solon Quin is charging 10k for a commercial, once i get some resources and more equipement i may charge 5-7k, but even when i exceed solon quinns quality of productions, i still wouldnt charge 10k, that just seems way to high for me to charge for something so easy for me to do.


I am dedicated to excellence though, if someone is going to pay, wether i spend more hours then what the pay was equilavelent to, im gonna make sure it is absolute quality, and that it exceeds there expectations. I think that will make me successful


I have another question, do you guys have legal contracts with the customers drawn up, that they sign disclosing payment information. If so did you get a lawyer to draw up or write it out yourself.



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