Yep, I think the ones ther


Yep, I think the ones there are mainly intended for use on tracks (angled skateboard wheels on plastic tubing rails seems to be popular for the low budget ones), but you could use those industrial (shopping cart/trolley) type casters if you preferred, I’m sure – especially if you want something you’re going to sit on. I’d probably prefer that, and then a guide pin at either end going down into a slotted base that would keep it pointed in the right direction (similar to a scalextric car). You’d be free then to trundle it around freely as well, if needed. Well, assuming it doesn’t ever behave like shopping carts/trolleys do with one dodgy wheel wobbling all over the place! πŸ™‚

I did find others when I was looking but didn’t bookmark them as it was something I intended to do at a later date (and still haven’t done anything with it other than some sketches, alas) but a google search for ‘homemade dolly’ will get you more examples – I found quite a few of them.

If you do make one, I’d love to see a pic of it.

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