Yep, I ran into the same p


Yep, I ran into the same problem! The thread was definitely helpful. I got the same familiar Window XP "bong" connection alert, and also the disconnection alert when I turn off the camcorder. I had even read that some applications would not import HDV but I kept the camera in HDV mode anyway because I didn’t think it would have any effect on whether XP saw it. Silly me.

Let’s face it, the manual isn’t all that helpful. When I first connected the camera, I had it in HDV mode and I did not see the drivers install. When I finally got wise to what was going on and switched to DV mode I could see the camera show up in the category "Scanners and Cameras" under My Computer and got a pop-up dialog asking me which application I wanted to use to import video or capture direct to DVD.

Now that I have gotten this far I’m confused about HDV editing applications. If the XP driver doesn’t "see" the camera in HD mode does this mean each HD capture and editing application has it’s own driver used to recognize the video?

Are there any free or reasonably inexpensive applications I can use for editing HDV? I don’t really need anything much more complicated than windows movie maker.

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