“Yehbut . . . . . . . YOU


"Yehbut . . . . . . . YOU know what you're doing, right? For those who DON'T know what they're doing, they have to make up for it by impressing themselves and others hat they have the very, very " best " camera."

Oh man, I can't tell you how many times I've tried to talk clients down off that ledge. Even when I show them the significant increase in cost for 'going hi-res' especially when it's not needed, the old 'Well I want 'film quality' in my production' thing always comes up. I often say, 'If you want film quality, I can just shoot it on film. Just factor the cost of film, keeping it fresh, processing fees, potential reshoots due to damage in-camera or during processing, telecine and transfer to digital fees and transfer from digital to film if you don't plan on taking advantage of your digital print.' That usually stops all that right quick.

Having 'the very best camera' doesn't mean squat if you have a $#!% story, poor performances, sound issues and a terrible edit because you blew your budget on getting the top of the line camera and everything needed to support it at the expense of everything else. Investors and audiences aren't going to give a rat's petootie whether you shot at high resolution if the story is weak. The only thing hi-res will do in that situation is highlight how visually stunning the 'turd' you just spent all that time and money on looks….

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