Yeesh! I would be terrifie


Yeesh! I would be terrified of ruining my poor innocent mic if I was recording a fireworks show! I think Johnboy is right.

I would cover up my mic so it doesn’t blow out or something. You’d cover up too, if you were hiking across Alaska in January. Fireworks booms for your poor camera mic are like that. What you want is a very rugged pop screen. Those are humongous pops! Cover it up withthe picnicblanket or something.

It’s good your base even came back! Don’t think aboutbuying more mics only to subject them to such an ordeal!

OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a little. But think about it! There’s a reason why little kids cover their ears when they firstgo to afireworks show. It’s only [slightly deaf] teens and adults that like them.

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