Years ago, I shot a virtual


Years ago, I shot a virtual set spot with walking and talking talent in an agency's conference room so it can be done in really small spaces but you have to be really creative.  It turned out great and aired in dozens of markets.  The room was about 12 x 18 with 12 foot ceilings.  The high ceilings were the godsend.  It was a crazy setup but it worked.  We shot lengthwise with the green all the way on one wall and the camera slammed up against the other.  The talent had about a 5 x 3 area to walk in.

I had 2 divas lighting the green, a small fresnel for back, a few LEDs panels attached to the wall for fill.  The key light really provide 75% of the light for everything.  I had a joker 800, which you might know is a crazy bright HMI we would normally used for daylight exteriors.  I bounced it off the back wall and ceiling (both were white) and basically used it as a giant soft light.  It was unconventional but it worked.  All that blabbering asside, you may be able to make your setup work.  It's okay to work outside the box if the end product works.  



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