Yea,I am sure by now you h


Yea,I am sure by now you have realised that as fancy as the shoulder mounted Sony MC2000 looks, it is actually a small sensor camera ( a 1/4″CMOS) and does not really lend itself to great depth of field shots especially in the low light situation often encountered in weddings.What about keeping the Sony’s, for most of the shots, and using a separate DSLR with a fast lens for those creative depth of field shots?Otherwise the Sony NEX VG20 is a good option for the price.It has a massive sensor (almost 35mm) and still has that “professional ” look that you might want as a wedding videographer.I have a Nikon D5100 (possibly not as great as the Canon 600D for video) which with a fast prime lens is great for that dof.I also recently got a Sony NEX VG10.These cameras have the advantage of interchangeable lenses.

PS Hi Bill-I remember you from Pana3CCD user days!

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