Yeah, these two at the wed


Yeah, these two at the wedding I shot were terrible. I’m not making this up. I would NOT want them at my wedding. That is how I try to shoot and capture. Yes I want good shots, NO it’s not the most important thing about the wedding. These two took advantage of the shy couple (friends of mine) and made it out to be an opp to recharge their portfolio. The billions of flashes took a lot away from the video i was shooting for them. They kept creeping up and getting in my way. It was almost a "shoot out" to see who could get the better opp for the shot. I felt like they were waging a war with me and I did not want to be in it. I didn’t want to be in their way, but certainly would have appreciated them not always being in mine. There wasn’t anyone around to moderate this and they clearly took advantage. That isn’t professional at all. I wonder if there would have been complaints about the photographers to their company had I not opted to cut them out of the finished video (sacrificing a lot of really great footage because they ended up being in the shots!!!!!!). If it was not their bodies in the shots, it was their annoying voice overs that my mic picked up. Ok, Ok, I thought, so I tried to pick a "side" or a position but they would just swing right over into it again-thinking I found a better vantage point or something I guess. I would never (had no other photographer been there) try to direct the action. I agree with Endeavor that they might want some things intentionally captured, but I’m not going to be the guy shouting and barking orders and then hitting record. I guess this really had more to do with the rudeness of the photographers. Anyways, I liked the suggestion to be the "fly on the wall." I feel this makes for a more sincere and true capture of this event as it unfolds in its own unique way. I also feel your client will be wowed and say things like, "man, he caught THAT!? this guy really has an eye!"

* endeavor, if you want a really honest and outside critique (really an opinion I have about a specific thing on your website) I will share and post. I know it is not fair that I have no way right now to share my own vid for validation or for critiques, but I think both negative and posisitive feedback is ALWAYS helpful and would put in my two cents with permission. let me know if it is ok to post, or if I should pm. This is the perfect place to let everyone voice their insider opinions and I think it woudl be good for discussion. Heck, I wish I could show my stuff so I could get many pointers, opinions, bad reviews, key notes, good notes, etc. Just a thought. We might start a thread where a member posts his video and opens it up to the firing range. I will see about doing this myself in the future. Have to re-host my page first. Hank I may be looking into your hosting if price is competitive.

That is all for now. Back to work at my DAY JOB.

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