Yeah, the DVX seems like a


Yeah, the DVX seems like a lot of camera but I think that much less would just frustrate me. I got my start with the local community cable station when I was in High School and got used to their low end pro DVCPRO cameras (don’t recall the model off hand). It has been a while since I’ve done any projects, but I know that the lack of audio control/quality on a lower end camera will anger me and there is the difference in image quality.

At this point, I think that its going to be a DVX100B or a PD170 and the choice is going to be a little harder if I don’t end up with this one.

Thanks for the link, I was hoping to find something like that. Definately meeting the seller in person. Other than the general wisdom, the last CL camera ad I responded to was an escrow scam.

Thanks again for your help, I appreciate it.

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