yeah that would be my only


yeah that would be my only real option, the only problem is the 1500 is with my almost 5-6 hundred already. i know it seems like the b&h is a deal but money is very tight with school and whatnot, i had to convince them for hours on end that 1500 would barely get me where i need to be. the main problem was 1500 came up before i found out those sites were all scams, now to go back and tell them that it was fake and the real price is something more close to 2 grand…they wont take to that all to well. i could make a quick 2 to 3 hundred if i still had a camera to work with as i have 2 freelance jobs waiting for me to get a camera/deck to log footage with, but alas…its a viscious cycle i need the camera to get the job, i need the job to get a camera haha.
im really about to just hold my nose and jump in to the bullsh*t scam and hope that i come up with a camera for under 1600

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