yeah that too… good cal


yeah that too…

good call.

If you get a Canon GL. XL. etc… the lenses from Canon’s photography line can be interchanged for use on the Video cameras as well. It opens up some wider ranges for telephoto or wideangle lenses. Particularly for those long shots across the field to the target.

Get a Varizoom monopod if your going to be hiking about a lot. They’re hyper portable and can also be weighted for really simple added stabilization. I think they have adds in Videomaker too.

This month’s special issue buyers guide would be a great pace to start comparing various cameras to your budget and needs. Keep in mind that the magazine lists the max-retail price, so the piece can usually be gotten for much cheaper online.

B&H photo describes and lists all of Canon’s lenses in their catalogue, so order a free copy and peruse it at your leisure.

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