yeah, most “larger churche


yeah, most “larger churches” have, but the church i grew up in (approx 500 attendance, maybe…) and the one i attend now (even smaller) have little to no media usage. in both churches, “quality media” was a guy with a little handycam shooting VBS teachers and kids smiling and waving.

the point i’m trying to say is that the majority of churches are still learning to use media effectively and as a result, they’re still learning that it’s a lot of work to make something good and it’s also expensive unless you have someone volunteering to work for you.

i’ve also been a part of a media team at a “megachurch” in orlando where we ran a multi-camera setup every week with relays to two other locations. even there, most work was volunteer and we still didn’t have new stuff every week. one big difference there, though, was that there was the budget to do something bigger occasionally and the people involved DID understand the expenses involved with media.

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