Yeah…Just cut the files


Yeah…Just cut the files up and burn them to a couple DVD’s. Remember data DVD’s may not last forever. You may get a cyclic redundancy error after 3-5 years, maybe longer with today’s technology. If you get this error it is unlikely you will be able to salvage the files. This problem is more common in data cd’s but it has happend with DVD’s. You may also have problems accessing the files as computers advance and develop new filing system formats. I usually just save my files to an external hard drive and haven’t had a problem yet. (it’s been ten years) Most important…I always save the original tapes, so that if there is a problem…I can always recapture them. It is also a good idea to make a log file in an NLE that saves the in and out point of your clips. That way you can capture the exact same clips that you had before which make it possible to use the same project you originally used to edit the files….if in fact you have edited them in the first place.

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