yeah, it’s in front of the


yeah, it’s in front of the fire. oh…. an image sequence. i actually never thought of that. see what i did was i cut the shot down to when my subject was about infront of the fire and then i put that on a new sequence in permiere and exported just that as a video file, .avi, .mov and so on. then in photoshop, i saw that there was an import video option and it took my video and all it’s frames and put each one on it’s own layer. that’s how i thought they did it in the video. interesting enough, i saw that when i import i have an option to say when a new layer is created. there were 70 frames in this video. by saying 10, i only had to cut out 7 layers which made it easier for me. i’m not sure if that was the right way to do it, maybe not. but it did look like it would work. So what would After Effects do? would that be in place of photoshop for cutting or the bridge between preimere and photoshop?

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